Our Story from Start to Success

Born in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2015. Two brothers, a dream, and an amazing concept was built. 

Mr Mesquite Taqueria is known for being “the spot” whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late night. With these things in play, we’ve been able to redefine the term “street food.”

Our Menu

Keeping a simple menu is what makes ordering easy and gets you in and out fast. 

Our Grill

Our custom built mesquite grill sets us apart from the other Mexican places. Because nobody prepares meats like us… nobody.

Using real Mesquite wood chips gives our fresh meat a unique and smoky flavor that you can smell from down the street. It’s mesmerizing to see it in person.

Our Food

From our kitchen to your plate, we guarantee you’ll receive fresh and delicious food.

Our Taco Tuesdays give you another reason to come to Mesquite. Get tacos 80¢ off all tacos!

What lies ahead for Mesquite Fresh Street Mex?  Bringing our fresh and authentic Mexican street food to more cities throughout the country. 


What makes Mesquite Fresh Street Mex different? We serve only the highest quality ingredients and prepare them fresh every day. We create authentic homemade flavors that make each bite something you crave.


Our Motto

“Authentic Meets Modern” means: We make the most authentic Mexican street food in a modern and exciting environment. You’ve got to experience it to understand it.