Leadership & FAMILY

Meet the energetic and experienced team behind the Mr. Mesquite Taqueria brand. These guys are passionate about creating real, modern and delicious street Mexican food at every Mesquite location.

Naser Alatrash


With an entrepreneurial mind and a focus on family, “Nas” has always been known to build businesses that make a difference. With the founding of Mesquite Fresh Street Mex, he redirected his focus on growing this Real Street Mexican concept as not only a company, but a culture founded on strong values.

It’s important to Nas to use only the freshest ingredients, every day, in every location. This commitment to quality helps keep the Mesquite menu on point and the customers coming back.

Ahmad Alatrash


Like his older brother, Nas, Ahmad also has an entrepreneurial spirit to build restaurants and connect with people. With the co-founding of Mesquite Fresh Street Mex, he was able to take what he’s learned in other restaurant ventures and implement the best policies here.

Ahmad visits each restaurant almost every day to keep a pulse on how the business is operating. His passion for running a tight ship and keeping customers happy is obvious when you meet him.

Amer Atwan

Director of Operations

With 5 years of experience running and operating restaurants, Amer is focused on overseeing the daily operations of Mesquite Fresh Street Mex. Amer is involved in all aspects of the company and  monitors the latest trends in the restaurant industry to see how Mesquite can better serve its customers.

Ivy Hurtado


Rey Hurtado


Ramadan Hirzallah

Old Town Scottsdale

Brent Dominy


Kareem Musa


Ann Hovel

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